Feb 2, 2015

Becoming a Great Writer

Peachy-Girl is becoming quite the writer at school.  She's won Author of the Month two years in a row based on her teacher's recommendation.  Here's something she wrote recently that impressed me.

Aug 6, 2014

My First Selfie

I thought it'd be cool for my first selfie to be shot under my house while replacing a 60 year old iron sewer line. I haven't cursed out loud that much in a very long time.

Jul 6, 2014

Three on a Match at The Deer Lodge 7-5-14

Here's a couple of videos from last night. Thanks for all who came to upper Ojai for a gig that started at 11 pm at night!

Jul 1, 2014

Best Father's Day present...so far.

I received this book mark from Georgia for Father's Day this year. 

The front was cute but the back... 

was memorable.
That's some really good advice! For the record, I do not say that although I've heard Laura tell this to the kids occasionally. I'm sure her teacher (who wrote was Georgia recited) got a kick out of writing this little tidbit on a Father's Day present. I have it hanging in my office...I love it.

May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Georgia is funny, even when she isn't trying to be. Below is Georgia's Mother's Day book she gave to Laura yesterday. She didn't waste any time innocently calling out her mother's love of wine. Also, Georgia has a little bit of work to do on her understanding of height and weight in terms of numbers, but a 40 ft tall Laura is a good guess!!

There's just no room in bed for me nor the cat.

Feb 28, 2014

Anatomy of a Christmas Card

One of the best things about Christmas is making a Christmas card; at least it used to be. This last year we jumped the shark. We went overboard. We doubled-down on levity. Why is the chicken shooting a laser at our cat? I guess the cat was too far away for the chicken to peck it to death. 

We had a couple of ideas but nothing really stuck. From there I just decided that it would be best to include some content that revealed the additions we made to our household in 2013. That being...chickens. So originally they were just going to grow in size and chase us down the street. The laser coming out of the chicken eye was a last minute addition. 

It was the first year that Photoshop was introduced into the mix. As a traditionalist, that concerns me. Nevertheless, it's a fun challenge. For 2014 we're going to have to scale back some...go old school with it. No Photoshop. 

Markswomanship 101

Parker is a terrible shot. Actually let me restate that. Parker is a terrible shot unless she's shooting at asian woman who's pictures are in the newspaper. She couldn't hit a target but once she cut out a picture of an asian woman from the Ventura County Star she couldn't miss.

Dec 10, 2013

A Chip Off the Ol' Block

December 6 was Uncle Geoff's 45th birthday. Parker made a very telling birthday card for her uncle. Included in this card was a picture of her and Geoff running beneath a rainbow. Also, she shared some thoughts with her uncle that just leaves me brimming with pride.

Yes, dad is proud.

Daughter #1 is officially a chip off the ol' block! Now it's time to focus on Georgia.

All my years of sarcasm and satire with the kids are finally paying off!